Hand Carved Tatting Shuttles

For the past few years I have been carving Tatting Shuttles.  My Great Grandfather was a wood carver and had carved at least three wooden shuttles from Hickory taken from his farm near Springfield, Illinois. One of those shuttles traveled to Canada and in particular to southern Saskatchewan with my Grandma as she came as new bride with her husband. They farmed land near Hazenmore, Saskatchewan.  The place that they lived in was a very small house that my Grandpa built for them.  Without a doubt that small shuttle was Grandma’s sole entertainment through the years of child rearing.

Grandma Lincoln began tatting when she was around 8 years old and continued to do so until she was in her 80s.

The shuttle designs that I have come up with are mainly from imagination. I have seen other shuttles on the Internet that have inspired me as well.  If you have question about any of the shuttles please click on the small photo… whish will then open a larger view of the photo.  Refer to the number just below the photo to help me know which one.

Yes I do sell the shuttles. Please contact me directly at murray.lincoln@gmail.com for more information.


3 Responses to Hand Carved Tatting Shuttles

  1. Eileene says:

    I love your story about your Grandma . That shuttle would mean more to me than anything else, were I in your shoes. Eileene

  2. Bianka says:

    These are beautiful shuttles, love your work. The fish tatting shuttles are really cute.

    Thanks for sharing your story and pictures of these beautiful shuttles.

  3. sharron says:

    excellent work.. and then some…..wish I had kept all my tea pots now.. Still have any of the OLD books on tattting I saved for you? lol

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