Tatting Shuttles

My first shuttle was a Susan Bates, purchased in Des Moines, Iowa.  From there I began watching for newer and better shuttles over these years of my tatting.

The search for Shuttles in Antique Shops across Canada and the USA has kept me busy. It certainly has made the trips through the shops enjoyable. My wife goes one way and I another.  The treasures have been amazing!

The third and maybe the most valuable treasures have come from friends and acquaintances that have a shuttle of some one in their family from many years ago. They ask me if I would like it for my collection and display.  I absolutely am thrilled to receive their gift.

I offer this Gallery below of my shuttles that have been assembled from many places.  The places include parts of Asia and well as North America.
Maybe you will recognize shuttles that you have also.

You will see the selection of shuttles in my case with a few close up shots. By clicking on the Tab above or here, you will be able to see the Gallery of my hand carved shuttles I have uploaded.   I began first carving the shuttles the way that my Great Grandfather did. From there I branched out to different styles.

1 Response to Tatting Shuttles

  1. Diane says:

    You have a lovely collection of shuttles! I find shuttle collecting to be highly addictive, and loads of fun. The bonus is, shuttles take up very little room! ; )

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