Lang Pioneer Village

Lang Pioneer Village is a favorite place of mine that offers wonderful opportunities to feature the old Crafts of long ago. In the summer time I am the 1856 Carpenter at Lang Village. In this role I demonstrate the old tools and wood working of long ago.

Lang Pioneer Village is situated east of Peterborough and is a very popular destination for local folk as well as tourist from all over the world.

At Christmas time a very popular part of Lang Pioneer Village’s presentation is the Christmas by Candle Light. At this special time of the year my role changes from Carpenter to Lace Maker.

In the Photos below one of my Star pupils, Angela, helped me this year with the demonstrations of Tatting. It was very busy to say the least. We met hundreds of wonderful people.

2 Responses to Lang Pioneer Village

  1. Hello Tatting Whisperer,

    I see that you have started a new blog. How wonderful! We are very fortunate at Lang Pioneer Village to have a Tatting Whisperer in the area who is interested in coming out to Lang to share his knowledge and storytelling charisma with Lang visitors. And doubly lucky that he is brought his quick learning student, Angela with him as well to our Christmas by Candlelight.

    Murray, we will be hosting the Festival of Textiles again this year on Saturday and Sunday August 13 and 14. We’re hoping you are available that weekend to come to Lang to demonstrate your “tatting whispering”. This year I am working on having a textile artist craft market as well so I’ll be in touch about that once the logistics of it have been determined.

    Hope you are staying warm and are tatting away, Laurie

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