It took me almost two months to Tat the 155 decorations for the Four Foot Christmas Tree.  Of these 155 many were Motifs – or Snowflakes. Here is sampling of the motifs that we designed and produced for the tree. One or two of these were patterns from some of my Tatting Books… but within a short time I started changing the pattern to suit my need.

As created the Tatted Snowflakes I needed a presentation stand for them as well as the Balls with the tatting on them.  Above is a sample of the simple stand that I created with three branches off a tree and dowels inserted in the holes that I drilled for them.

2 Responses to Motifs

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  2. Marie says:

    Your tatted snowflakes are beautiful! Did you design any of them yourself?

    I too started with a small tree (2 foot table) then graduated to a 3 foot table tree and on to a 4 foot table tree. I now have a 7 1/2 foot tree with all white snowflakes, a 3 foot tree with all colored Christmas items and a 4 foot table tree with all angels. I just purchased a new 4 1/2 (floor) tree that will become my new angel tree and will use the old angel tree for my tatted satin ball that are covered with tatting.

    I enjoyed reading your story of how you learned to tat.

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