Meet the Tatting Whisperer

Hi my name is Murray Lincoln. I am now retired and loving the free time to create with my Tatting and Wood Carving, sometimes bringing the two together.

I began my journey with Tatting in 1975.  While visiting my Great Aunt in a Senior’s Home in Des Moines, Iowa, she told me the story of my Great Grandpa that was a Tatter.  As well he was a Wood Carver and had carved three Hickory Shuttles for his three daughters.  One of these daughters was my Grandma Lincoln.  My Grandma Lincoln may have been the greatest Tatter ever – so my Great Aunt told me. Grandma Lincoln Tatted from age 8 years until she passed away in her 80s.

Today I am a Tatter, so are my two daughters and also my Granddaughter Emma. Six Generations now have carried on this beautiful craft.
My Web Site featuring more of my creations is


7 Responses to Meet the Tatting Whisperer

  1. Robert Kent says:

    Enjoyed the earlier news reports on your tatting. Glad to see that you have Iowa ties. I have been tatting for over 20 years – switching from quilting, to tatting, to my family research. Just retired last July, so want to travel to see my Canadian relatives in the Hamilton/London area (but not midwinter). Take care – Robert Kent, in northern Iowa.

  2. IsDihara says:

    Murray, reading about the six generations of tatters in your heritage brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for all that you do to promote our gentle form of lacemaking.

    Sending you a big virtual hug!

  3. Carol says:

    I love you blog and I would LOVE to learn to tat. I’m a mom to 4 kids and would love to make things to leave to them and teach them as well and tatting is just so beautiful! I’m wondering though, where in Southern Ontario can you find tatting supplies? I live in Burlington, On and I’m at a loss as to where to look.
    Have a very wonderful day!

    • Hi Carol… in Ontario the best and cheapest that I have found for starting up is Zellers – they have shuttles for about $4 each… and they sell different kinds of cotton… the #10 is a good size to be able to see it easily… and #20 is good also. You can go on to YouTube – look for “Tatting” there are some great videos – get back to me again at – I will try to connect you with Tatters in the Burlington area.

  4. W Jeanes says:

    I too am Tatter, i learned by watching my now deceaced ex-mother in law, i know what u mean about speed, when i askeed her to slow down a little it was like going from 100 miles an hour to 75miles per hour some change. I entered tatting in the Shelburne fair in 2010 and won second prize did not expect that, I make snowflakes every year for Christmas and give them out to all of my Lady customers as well as to family and friends. My daughter asks for and recieves enough to give out to her fellow workers in Ohio. Your page is ineresting and i am set up to follow you. All the best and have a Happy New Year.

  5. Cheryl Sullivan says:

    My mother at the age of 77 wants to learn to Tat. I do not know of anyone near Winfield Iowa that Tats. Is there anyway you could put me in contact with anyone near her? email me Please no spam!!! Thank you very much. This is a life-long dream of hers and I am trying to help her start doing things she wants to do for herself since my dad passed away 3 years ago. Please help me!!! Thank you so very much!

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