My Tatted Tea Pots

It has taken me almost a year to complete this project of designing and placing Tatting on my Tea Pots. It all started in our backyard flower garden. After a move 14 years ago we had a number of Tea Pots that had no place in our home. Then further to that we had some left over from a garage sale that we “cute” – my wife said. I responded by suggesting that perhaps these old tea pots would look great in among her flowers throughout the backyard. During the last few years we started getting more and more Tea Pots that each had a distinct character of their own. I was looking at one and felt that it needed a face of sorts and that perhaps the Tatting would be a way to add more character to the Pot. Anyway… the more I tatted tea pots – the more I found. They generally are Tea Pots that have little or no life left in them… they are chipped or perhaps even cracked. But some are Brand New – like my Camel Tea Pot. But when you add Tatting to the Tea Pot it all goes away. The pots are all different sizes and shapes as you can see. “Are they for sale?” I have been asked that many times and my reply has been, “No they are just for ‘show’.” The next question is, “If you were going to sell them, how much would they be?” My answer is simple, “Count the number of rings and chains in each design… then multiply by 75 cents. You do the math…” Their response is almost always the same, “Wow! That would sure cost a lot!” However one Tea Pot Collector offered a little more than $200 and she really wanted that one. I suggested that I could teach her how to Tat for less and she could do her own. Enjoy my Gallery of Tatted Tea Pots…. ~ Murray Lincoln ~


About The Tatting Whisperer

Hi my name is Murray Lincoln. I am now retired and loving the free time to create with my Tatting and Wood Carving, sometimes bringing the two together. I began my journey with Tatting in 1975. While visiting my Great Aunt in a Senior's Home in Des Moines, Iowa, she told me the story of my Great Grandpa that was a Tatter. As well he was a Wood Carver and had carved three Hickory Shuttles for his three daughters. One of these daughters was my Grandma Lincoln. My Grandma Lincoln may have been the greatest Tatter ever - so my Great Aunt told me. Grandma Lincoln Tatted from age 8 years until she passed away in her 80s. Today I am a Tatter, so are my two daughters and also my Granddaughter Emma. six Generations now have carried on this beautiful craft. My Web Site featuring my creations is
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13 Responses to My Tatted Tea Pots

  1. jeanne says:

    very, very nice Murray.
    they really look elegant.

    • Thanks Jeanne and Michelle – it has taken about one year to get these all done – mixed with the rest of life… still have about six more to do. At the demonstrations that I do for Lace making and Tatting – they are quite an attraction.

    • Diane Benn says:

      You have added immense character and interest when you tatted your teapots. Leads me to believe that you also radiate character and interest.

  2. Michelle says:

    My oh my! These are amazing! Gorgeous!

  3. Sue says:

    That is a really unique way of using tatting!!! They all look wonderful!!! 🙂

  4. Maggie Brown says:

    These are wonderful! These are wonderful inspiration for me. I collect lady head vases and you sparked an idea for me to decorate a few of those “less than perfect” with some tatting. Thank you for inspiring me to try something new with my tatting.

  5. Dolores Rudulph says:

    Murray’ the tea pots are so sweet and well done, thanks for sharing, Dolores

  6. teapots are beautiful. I am new at tatting, I needle tat. I have a few honey pots, and this gives me inspiration. How do you adhere the tatting to the pots, if I may ask.

    • I use a very inexpensive craft glue called “Aleene’s – the Original Tacky Glue”. Other glue would work as well if it dries clear. Please note that it will wash off with water. These are retired Tea Pots… and will not be used to make Tea again.

  7. Monica says:

    What a beautiful and creative way to display your tatting. I never would have thought of this myself. The camel teapot is my favourite.

  8. Julie Philpott says:

    I am interested in learning to Tat. I live in Oakville, ON as well. Where can I get shuttles and lessons? Murray, the work you have produced is beautiful, loose or not:)

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