The Fringer Tatters – Tat Exchange – “The Place I Call Home”

The invitation email from my Fringe Tatter friends read…
“It’s time for another exchange … The idea this time is about the place you call home … Tat something representational of where you live.”

I live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  The city is located in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. And like the name states we are surrounded by lakes and lake country.  And as it happens one of my great pleasures is Fishing. I love a whole day away from everything, out in my canoe, with my fishing pole, and hungry fish waiting to climb aboard my little craft.  That followed by a great shore lunch is hard to match.

That is the background of my original Kawartha Lakes piece.  As you can see the Fish is much larger than the fisherman and canoe.

As a result of creating this scene I have now designed some more pieces that should be done soon.



About The Tatting Whisperer

Hi my name is Murray Lincoln. I am now retired and loving the free time to create with my Tatting and Wood Carving, sometimes bringing the two together. I began my journey with Tatting in 1975. While visiting my Great Aunt in a Senior's Home in Des Moines, Iowa, she told me the story of my Great Grandpa that was a Tatter. As well he was a Wood Carver and had carved three Hickory Shuttles for his three daughters. One of these daughters was my Grandma Lincoln. My Grandma Lincoln may have been the greatest Tatter ever - so my Great Aunt told me. Grandma Lincoln Tatted from age 8 years until she passed away in her 80s. Today I am a Tatter, so are my two daughters and also my Granddaughter Emma. six Generations now have carried on this beautiful craft. My Web Site featuring my creations is
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3 Responses to The Fringer Tatters – Tat Exchange – “The Place I Call Home”

  1. What a unique design you have created with the fisherman in the canoe! Very Creative!!

  2. Tatman says:

    Beautiful!! And also hilarious. That is one whale of a tatting tale!!!!

  3. Bonnie says:

    I really like this. Super neat!

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