Hand Carved Owls with Tatted Glasses

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I am a Tatter (a person that does Tatting – making Lace with a Shuttle). I am also a Wood Carver… and in this post you will see some Owls that I have created by carving a tree branch.

In my first edition of these Owls I carved them and then add wood burning(Pyrography) to show feathers and finer features.  In that the owls are not very large the strokes of the pyrography pen are very small.

I am participating in Textile and Fiber Arts show soon which is entitled “Fabrilicious” at Lang Pioneer Village in Ontario, Canada.  As a Tatter and Artist I love presenting new ideas for the folk I meet at the shows.  What better way to show off Tatting in a very small way – that with Owls.

Every one loves Owls – so Owls with Tatted Sun Glasses in summer should be fun.

So here are my Tatted Sun Glasses.  Hopefully my fellow Tatters can pick up the pattern (and the idea of the pattern) from the photo.

Each Owl will be a little different ion that each Owl is a different size. I vary the cotton size from 40 to 20 – as well as the number of double stitches and picots.


August 9, 2018

Just completed more Owls – Big and Small –  “A “Parliament” of Owls –  (Note – Owls are generally solitary, but when seen together the group is called a “parliament” as they have long been considered to be of a wise disposition. In Greek mythology, the owl is the symbol for Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Geese are called a “gaggle” as the word is imitative of the noise they make.)

Owls with Tatting - 6Owls with Tatting - 7Owls with Tatting - 8Owls with Tatting - 9Owls with Tatting - 10



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Tatting from around the World

Just completed a Tatted square that is on its way to Brussels, Belgium. It will join many, many, other tatted pieces to be added to a Monument in Brussels.

I only wish that I could attend the Lace Congress in Bruges in August 2018.

If you, as a Tatter, might like to join this effort please follow the instructions given in these Links of Cathy’s message.  I am making this post February 24… they have asked to have send tatted pieces sent by March 1, 2018.

The following message is from Cathy / Canarithy – a Tatting friend from The World of Tatting.  The Info I shared above is listed here.

Dear Tatter,

I entered the world of tatting a few years ago, when Facebook was already a big thing. This is why I didn’t know anything about the historical importance of tatting-blogs’ world until I met Tatty Tally a few weeks ago.

On 15th November, I launched a worldwide action with two goals : promote tatting AND women’s rights, by dressing up a Brussels’ Monument in Pink Tatted lace, just before the lace Congress in Bruges in August 2018, with the help of tatters all around the world.

This action is already a big success on Facebook (I’m member of about 70 different tatting groups) and on some blogs but I really want to involve as many tatters as possible and from as many countries as possible too. This is why I contact you.

You will find below useful links about this action.

It would be an honour if your could join us and let know all the tatters following your blog.

Thanks for your attention, benevolence and answer.

Cathy / Canarithy

Links :

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Carved Hearts with Tatting

Wood and Lace Together

I love Tatting and I love Wood Carving.

With this post I would like to show you the two combined.

The design is simple and is made as a Necklace Pendant.  A small eyelet is attached at the top to be ready to hang on the chain.

So – if you have a Wood Carver in your life somewhere… engage the person to get involved with your Lace. They work great together.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

The two white hearts are the example of the Pine as they are prepared for carving

The two white hearts are the example of the Pine as they are prepared for carving

Carved Heart with Tatting Carved Heart with Tatting

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One Hole, Two Hole Button Angels – and Sea Shell Angels

This gallery contains 18 photos.

Just before Christmas 2012 I discovered “Birgit’s Tatting” Blog and the Simple Angel – which I label as a “Button Angel”.  Her Blog posting can be seen at http://birgitstatting.blogspot.ca/2010/03/simple-angel.html With a few adaptations to this pattern I have created many … Continue reading

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My Tatted Tea Pots

This gallery contains 51 photos.

It has taken me almost a year to complete this project of designing and placing Tatting on my Tea Pots. It all started in our backyard flower garden. After a move 14 years ago we had a number of Tea … Continue reading

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City Sidewalks – Peterborough Festival of Trees December 2011

I took part in the City wide Fundraising event this year by creating another Christmas Tree covered with Tatting and Wood carving.  The design and production of this tree started in early November, about 6 weeks prior to the event.

This Year’s Tatted Tree was raffled off. People interested in the Tree caught a first glance of the Tree at the Crop Circles Store in the Peterborough Square. They then went over to another venue and placed their raffle tickets in the box dedicated to the Tatted Tree.  The response was very good with many tickets being sold.

Christmas Trees of all kinds were set up all over the Downtown Area with idea people would visit the sponsors’ stores at the same time as they toured the Trees.

The funds raised went to support our local Hospital and certain clinics in community.

Here are some of the photos that were taken along the way as the Tree started to receive its new Ornaments.  Enjoy!

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“Easter Thingies”


Easter Thingie

Easter Egg decoration is done by a number of my friends. I don’t do the coloured Eggs so well.  Realizing that and thinking about my Tatting I designed a “Easter Thingie”.  Here it is.  First without any ears.

Body: 2 Rows or Rings and Chains

Top Row; R 3-3-3-3; C10-10 . Repeat until it surrounds the Egg.  In this Example it has 7 repeats.

Lower Row: R 3-3+3-3(join to picot of the Chain); C 8 -8 .  Repeat until all picots are joined to.

Ears: Clover leaf of 3 rings; R 3-3-3-3-3-3; R 3+3-3-3-3-3-3-3; R 3+3-3-3-3 -3 with additional small Rings tatted into the base of the Two Smaller Clover leaf rings to provide support to attaching to the Egg.

All the tatting is glued to the Egg with a quick drying, transparent craft glue.

Further examples of “Easter Thingies” with ears.

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